Circe (circebe) wrote in gratitude,

On Today's Menu...

I am grateful for the fact that even though I had cramps this morning I could deal with them. They weren't bad enough that I had to take medicine for them.

I am grateful for there being orange juice. Love that stuff.

I am grateful for the comfy bed that I got to sleep in last night.

For waking up this morning and watching "When Harry Met Sally" on TNT. A movie I would watch over and over (don't ask).

I am grateful for NOT having to wake up at seven and go to another stupid work orientation meeting.

I am grateful that I did not spend $25 dollars I do not have on going to a rave, even if it was really close.

I am grateful for having read Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel. It taught me a whole lot.

I am thankful for someone calling me last night.

I am grateful that even though I was really tired last night I still brushed my teeth.

I am grateful that I did not give in to selfish wants and finish my mom's orange juice but decided to have a cup of cranberry juice instead.

I am grateful that I got to enjoy such a fantabulous hot shower this morning.

And that I made the bed after I slept in it so my mom could come home to a made bed.
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